We currently need Client Advocates.

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Prayer Requests

  • Certified/Licensed RTR’s or Nurses for our medical program who would like to volunteer from 4-8 hours a week.
  • 4 new client advocates, women who have a heart to impact young lives. - 3 more receptionists.
  • Funding for increased hours of operation.
  • Believe God for healing for the post abortive women through our P.A.C.E. Program and the Surrendering the Secret Bible Studies.
  • Churches will train leaders and host Surrendering Secret Bible Study groups at their churches.
  • The client who is abortion minded, frightened and pressured by her family and boyfriend!
  • Sexual Integrity trainers for In-house programs - Successful and well received Sexual Integrity presentations in the public schools.
  • That more Churches to be involved in our mission. 
  • A spiritual awakening in our clients who are participating in our programs.
  • Greater community awareness of our mission and programs.
  • Bill Board Advertising, the funding, the marketing strategy, the right visual signage.
  • New Strollers, Highchairs, Cribs. Car Seats
  • Changes in our laws that will end legalized abortion.
  • Ask God to encourage our leadership- Board Members, Staff and those who volunteer daily at the clinic.
  • See the Prayer page for the whole list!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to Expect

How much do you charge?
Our services are free and confidential. Always.

What do I need to bring?
Just bring yourself. You don't need any money. If you have questions, it's a good idea to write them down and bring them with you so we can help you answer all of them.

What are your pregnancy tests like?
Most urine tests are alike in that they are designed to detect the HCG hormone. HCG is the hormone that is secreted after fertilization. We use the same urine test that is used in doctor's offices and clinics. The manufacturer states that the test is 99% accurate in the detection of HCG in the urine 8 to 12 days after conception.

How can I get a free ultrasound?
We provide limited first-trimester ultrasounds between 7 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. If you are pregnant or think you might be, please call us. We'll set up a pregnancy test appointment for you to determine if you medically qualify for an ultrasound.

Can I bring my boyfriend/friend/mom, etc?

Yes, of course! You can bring whoever you'd like with you. However, if you are coming for a pregnancy test, we will bring you into the client room by yourself at the beginning of the appointment for your privacy. We want to make sure you're free to be honest without feeling pressured by someone else in the room. You can invite the person who came with you into the client room later on during your appointment.

For Men

What can guys do?
If you think your partner might be pregnant, you are probably worried and scared too. Try to be sensitive and remember it’s not all about you.

• Let her know she's not alone.
• Remember, it's not all about you.
• Ask for help.

Try to clear your mind so that you can calmly listen to what she is saying and try to understand her feelings. Gather information about your options, and talk to family and friends you trust.

How can you help me?
We are also here to listen, and to provide caring, free and confidential help to both you and your partner. Whether you have questions about abortion, adoption, parenting, or fetal development, we'd love to help. Just call us and ask to come in and meet with someone.

For Friends & Family

What can friends do?
It’s nerve-racking to figure out the right thing to do or to say when your friend is facing an unplanned pregnancy. But the most meaningful way you can support her is simply to be there.

• Listen.
• Keep calm.
• Suggest help.

Let your friend speak when she wants, and calmly listen. She will be grateful for an open ear as she processes her emotions and the difficult choices ahead of her. You, however, might rapidly feel overwhelmed if you’re her only resource. Remember that we're available any time, day or night. We offer free, caring and confidential help.

What can family do?

It can be shocking to find out that your daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter or cousin is pregnant. And once the shock wears off, you’ll probably experience a wide range of emotions. But this life-changing experience is an opportunity for you to make a huge difference in the life of someone you love.

• Encourage her dreams
• Research the help available
• Make sure she's healthy

Try to set aside your feelings so you can truly hear what your family member is saying. Observe her emotional and physical health as pregnancy affects her. Remind her that this is not the end of her future. You can be a positive voice for her dreams, even if those dreams are changing.
Your family does not need to face this situation alone. We can help.

Have a question that's not answered here?

Give us a call. We're here to help.
Call us in Beloit at 608.365.5433.

If you think of a question and answer that should be here, let us know and we'll gladly add it in. Thanks!
You are not alone. We can help.

We've been providing women and their families with free pregnancy services since 1985. If you're experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help. We're committed to providing accurate information in a compassionate & confidential atmosphere.

All services are free & confidential. We recognize the reality that only you can make the choices regarding your pregnancy. We were founded to assist you in making an informed decision.

We offer a listening ear, caring counsel, practical assistance, limited medical services, and educational programs.
Call us today for a free pregnancy test at 608.365.5433.

Free practical assistance
• Pregnancy tests
• Education on pregnancy & fetal development
• Abortion education
• Maternity clothing
• Baby clothing & equipment
• Adoption education & referrals
• Sexual health education
• Post abortion counsel & education (PACE)
• Referrals for financial assistance, physicians, maternity housing & more

Medical Services
• Counseling with a medical professional
• Limited ultrasound
• Confirmation of pregnancy
Stateline Pregnancy Clinic is a limited- not a full service- medical clinic, but offers referrals to those who are not already under the care of an OB physician.

• Smart Start Program (for first time Mom’s)
• Parenting Basics and Beyond (for children age 1-12))
• Life Coaching
• Post-Abortion Counseling & Education (PACE)
• Various other classes

What is the Mom’s Group?
What is the Mom’s Group? Stateline Pregnancy Clinic’s Mom’s Group is for the first time Mom who is pregnant or who has a newborn baby.

Come and meet with other moms for some fun, and friendship.  Class topics vary from informational to just plain FUN! There is always something new to learn . . . like Infant Development, Labor and Delivery, Single Parenting, Community Resources, Baby’s First Month, Breast Feeding, Goal Setting, Decision Making, First Aid, Post Partum Depression, and much more!

Enjoy time away from your usual routine to take care of yourself and develop friendships with other moms.
We meet every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm – 5pm.  This program is an Earn While You Learn Program, so you can earn Baby Bucks and shop in our Baby Boutique. We have a boutique filled with baby items and supplies that you can purchase with points earned by attending meetings.

To sign up for the group you can call our Client Services Coordinator, Lori Rice at 608.365.5433 or email us at info@statelinepregnancyclinic.org.

Who can attend Parenting Classes?
At Stateline Pregnancy Clinic we care about you and your family.  We know that it’s important to you to be the best parent you can be, but sometimes you need a little help.  That’s why we work hard to provide you with quality programs, at absolutely no cost to you.  Call us today for more information on our Parenting Classes.
Our parenting classes are for both female and male parents.  It is not necessary for you to be a couple to attend classes.  If you have children ages 1-12 then you are eligible to attend. 

We use a 10 module parenting curriculum with multiple lessons in each.  The modules cover the essential of parenting from discipline techniques, proper boundary setting, and the importance of parenting with love.

The Objective
The objective is to give parents the practical help they need in deal with disciplinary and behavioral issues with their children. To equip them to understand key concepts like:
Irresponsibility vs. defiance
Anger vs. action
The seeds of self esteem
The type of parent you are
Your child’s personality type
Eight key aspects of character
. . .  and much more.

This group is a limited Earn While You Learn Program enabling both mommies and daddies the opportunity to earn Baby Bucks to purchase diapers and wipes for their children.

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