We currently need Client Advocates.

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Prayer Requests

  • Certified/Licensed RTR’s or Nurses for our medical program who would like to volunteer from 4-8 hours a week.
  • 4 new client advocates, women who have a heart to impact young lives. - 3 more receptionists.
  • Funding for increased hours of operation.
  • Believe God for healing for the post abortive women through our P.A.C.E. Program and the Surrendering the Secret Bible Studies.
  • Churches will train leaders and host Surrendering Secret Bible Study groups at their churches.
  • The client who is abortion minded, frightened and pressured by her family and boyfriend!
  • Sexual Integrity trainers for In-house programs - Successful and well received Sexual Integrity presentations in the public schools.
  • That more Churches to be involved in our mission. 
  • A spiritual awakening in our clients who are participating in our programs.
  • Greater community awareness of our mission and programs.
  • Bill Board Advertising, the funding, the marketing strategy, the right visual signage.
  • New Strollers, Highchairs, Cribs. Car Seats
  • Changes in our laws that will end legalized abortion.
  • Ask God to encourage our leadership- Board Members, Staff and those who volunteer daily at the clinic.
  • See the Prayer page for the whole list!
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About Us

Our Mission:

To eliminate the need for abortion through effectively serving pregnant and at-risk women by transforming their fear into confidence.

Our Vision:

To make abortion unthinkable in the Stateline area.

Our Work With Abortion-Vulnerable Women

We minister to women and their partners. We are here to help people make an informed decision so that they will, hopefully, choose an alternative to abortion. We realize the mother is the only one who can nourish and care for her unborn child. To help a child, we must help that child’s mother and father. We focus on the woman and her needs by offering her acceptance, compassion, accurate information and assistance in bringing her baby to term. The final decision about abortion belongs to the woman. By placing our focus on helping each woman right where she's at in life, she is enabled to reject the ideology that frames the abortion issue in terms of mother versus child. When we place our focus on loving the woman and her partner, God can touch them with hope. In turn, they are empowered to choose life.

What We Don't Do

  • We don't try to intimidate or control the women who seek our help.
  • We don't show bloody videos or use scare tactics.
  • We don't provide abortions or refer for abortions.

We Minister with Truth & Love

We provide accurate medically-documented information on abortion. The final decision about abortion belongs to the client. Before her first appointment, each woman that seeks our help receives and signs a form informing her that we neither perform nor refer for abortion.

Our Door is Always Open

We let our women know that our door is always open to them. They need to know they can return for help if they would choose abortion and would later like help with post-abortion grief or stress.


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